To Everything there is a Season

By A.D. Roberts

I believe to everything there is a season and now more so than ever is the season for building bridges to one another- stronger ties to relationships that speak into and fuel the manifestation of your destiny. Walls of ineptitude are crumbling around you and strength is abound to move one step closer to your brightest hour. Seize the moments magic and build monuments of love that bind you to the completion of your hearts greatest desire.

Take a few moments in your personal time today and concentrate on your highest and best you. Then ask who is in your space to help you create that vision. I you find that there is no one in your immediate circle to help then for the next few weeks keep the vision of your heart in front of you and you will attract into you space the help that you need. Simply believe it to be so an it shall be.

I luv you guys..

Your Friend,