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By A.D. Roberts

The phone rings, a text message comes in, the alarm clock goes off, the boss is yelling, the door bell rings, a child is crying and…

I feel like I’m missing something.

Traffic is crazy, horns are honking, coffee spills, time on the watch says “you’re late”. Rushing through the door a heel breaks and…

I feel like I’m missing something.

It’s loud, noise is everywhere, can’t think at all and I can’t hear my…

That’s it- “I can’t hear myself”! That is what I am missing…hearing myself, my heart, my passion, my soul’s voice. I can’t hear and I haven’t heard them clearly in a while.

“Living” can be filled with such deafening noise that you can’t hear “Life”- the sound of your own heartbeat, the beauty of an afternoon rain whispering softly. Life is desiring to share its’ wonderful secrets, limitless love, and unbounded joy. It seeks to bless you in ways you can’t imagine.

So… when you feel like you are missing something, you probably are- “Life”. Slow down a bit and let the beauty of your life catch up with. It has acres of Brilliance and oceans of Promise to offer you… not tomorrow, or next week but right here in the ever present moment of NOW. Love your life so much that is has no choice but to love you back. Love you guys!

Your Friend,