Love Notes... to inspire your life.

By A.D. Roberts

Love Notes: Follow Your Bliss

If you are feeling stress and tension in your space or even in your body we often say that it is coming from something, somewhere or someone. Usually we are very quick to place the blame or our attention on those things that lie outside of us as the reasons we are experiencing the uncomfortable things we go through. This approach to life’s issues is debilitating and makes you powerless to the things around you.

In this moment I would like to offer you a simple solution to this…follow your BLISS. Yes, that’s right just follow your bliss; your happiness, your passion, the thing that makes you FEEL good on the inside. It is when you do the thing that makes you happy do you BECOME happy. Following your bliss causes you to make the right decisions for you and the fruit of your wonderful choice is a beautiful life.

How do you start this?.. by simply taking small steps daily in the direction of your bliss and soon you will arrive at your intended destination. Say to yourself that you deserve to FEEL good. Feel in that moment what it feels like to already BE the THING, your bliss. Do this everyday for a month and the difference will be amazing.

So why not start NOW… there will never be another moment better than the ever graceful moment of NOW.

Love Your Life and it will love you back. I love you guys.

Be Brilliant,